Keeping A Roof Over Your Head

The main issue facing homeowners is deciding whether it is worth it replacing the roof or will be more cost effective to get a repair done instead. This is key to managing the long term house maintenance costs with such a large job like managing the condition of the roof.

Damaged tiles and leaks can be repaired and if they only affect a small area of the roof it will most likely be better to repair the damage or in the case of a large roof, a partial roof replacement could be an option. Broken, slipped or missing tiles resulting from storm damage should be relatively cheap to put right, especially if they have been noticed very soon after the bad weather.


If ascetics are important to you, a few replaced tiles will look different and stand out on your roof against the old, worn tiles. This could affect the sale price if you are looking to sell your home as potential buyers may not want to purchase the property if they can see that the roof has undergone repairs and may need a costly roof replacement not long after they have moved in. However, this type of repair could extend the lifespan of your roof for another 10 years or more, which is highly cost effective. Roofer Derby recommends that a new roof in an attractive tile style can be a great selling point and can even add value to the house, despite the cost of the roof replacement running into the thousands.


If only part of the roof is showing signs that it is in dis-repair, it may in fact be cheaper to do a full roof replacement in the long-term. This would work out cheaper to get it all done at once, because of the costs involved in the scaffolding, workmen and equipment being needed to work on your roof. This would also mean that the roof will all match and the tiles will all be the same age, so going forward the entire roof has the same lifespan.

If your roof type is shingles, then it is possible to add a layer of shingle on top of the previous layer. This is a cheaper job, because of the lack of a need to remove the existing layer. However, if your dwelling is in an area susceptible to high wind, the new layer of shingle will not hold as well when it is nailed to the old layer. So, in these circumstances, it would probably work out more cost effective to pay the extra and have the old shingle removed. This is because the shingle holds a lot better when it is nailed directly the roof timbers.

A new roof is a very expensive job; however, it is one of the most important to keep on top of in keeping your home both warm and dry in the variable UK climate. Get cold and wet on the bike, stay warm and dry at home. Now that’s the home taken care of, let’s get back out on the trail.

A Warm Home After A Cold Wet Day On The Bike

After a long day out on the mountain bike a nice warm house to go home to is a godsend. However, to ensure this creature comfort is waiting for us we need to keep the boiler up to date and in good working order.

Everything has a shelf life and a boiler, even though it is an expensive purchase, is no exception. Old central heating systems are very inefficient and as a consequence cause high running costs. Not only that, but old boilers can be very unreliable and much more prone to breaking down or being temperamental.

One of the common first signs that a boiler is not working optimally any longer is when the pilot light keeps going out on its own. This can cause a lot of frustration during the cold winter months when the house is cold in the morning, or when the pilot keeps needing to be manually turned back on. In these circumstances buying a new energy efficient boiler will save money and your sanity in the long run. Boiler repair can be an option, but once an old boiler has started malfunctioning it is likely to develop further problems, costing more and more to just keep it running.


Sometimes it is better to replace a boiler before it starts to develop faults. Regular yearly home boiler checks can help to identify the need to replace the boiler and the engineer will be able to tell you if this is recommended. One of the biggest problems with old boiler is the lack of availability of parts. If you wait until the boiler stops working, it is highly likely that electric heaters will need to be used temporarily, because it can take up to a week for parts to be sourced and delivered to the engineer before the boiler can be repaired.

Some of the common problems with old boilers which cause them to be less efficient but still able to run are for example a hot water cylinder that is slow to heat up and regulate its temperature. This can lead to scalding amongst other things. Old boilers are less likely to come equipped with a thermostat, which has the major disadvantage of heating up the whole house on full power, instead of heating the house to a desired comfort level.

New boilers come with programmable controls and have much better energy efficiency, which directly translates to lower running costs and the boiler will be better equipped to heat the home.

Monetizing your Mountain Biking Videos

Have you ever wondered how you could make some extra cash from your favorite sport? It is a known fact that if we are passionate about something, we are more motivated and focus our attention on that subject. This is the perfect recipe for money getting success, by combining your love of mountain biking with sharing your adventures, both through creating your own blog style website and uploading videos to Youtube of your adventures.

mountain-bikingOne way to do this is to find relevant CPA offers and use a mixture of FB adverts and SEO on both your films and written site. To be able to effectively gain an understanding of the process and the key steps you need to take to guarantee your success, it is advisable to join the DNA Wealth Blueprint. From there you will be able to learn from the best there is in the Internet Marketing world, even to the extent of turning your hobby into your full time vocation.

Just by harnessing the power of social networks you will be able to build a list of other keen mountain bikers and use this to share great offers that you find. It is quite easy to find an offer that will pay you a percentage of a sale that is related to your passion. A simple way to do this is using Facebook to share your stories and videos. You can create a FB Ads Cracked 2 review and use this to drive traffic directly to a Facebook page with an email opt in. Alternatively, you could drive traffic to your videos and add Youtube monetization. This will earn you money every time someone watches your movie, with the added bonus of getting Facebook shares to further generate free traffic.


Hitting the Mountain Bike Trails with your dog

Mountain biking on trails with a dog is great form of exercise for both human and canine, not to mention it is super fun, especially if you are a little on the adventurous side. Dogs are agile creatures and most breeds have plenty of energy that needs to be burnt off every day. You will probably find that you are keeping up with the dog and not the other way around.

It is certainly the safer option to bike with your dog, being off road away from traffic dangers. However, you still need to keep aware of your surroundings and other members of the public who may be walking or riding nearby. Always be ready to stop, pull over from the trail and recall your dog to allow other mountain bikers to pass by.

If you’re not quite an adrenalin junkie yet there is still plenty for you to do. It’s not all about flying down the trail as fast as possible, even though that surely is part of the fun! You can take the ride at a more leisurely pace and take in the breath taking scenery, exploring some of the natural beauty the world has to offer. If you are looking for this option, it is better to ensure you select a beginner’s trail that is going to be easier and more suitable for your activity and skill level.

Trails are usually colour coded to grade the difficulty. The colours used will vary from place to place, so be sure to check this out with the centre to choose you visit before planning your day. Trail riding does come with some element of risk involved and for this reason you should always wear a helmet and gloves. It is advisable that you wear full protective clothing to cover your elbows and knees to reduce the risk of injury should an accident happen.

There is protective clothing you can obtain for your dog that will make his experience more comfortable and safe. Your dog may suffer from sore paws, especially if the trail is particularly rocky or you are biking for several miles. In this case your dog would benefit greatly from a pair of vibram soled Ruffwear dog boots. Ruffwear are specialist outdoor dog gear manufacturers, offering a performance product that was developed just for this kind of sport, offering superior protection.

Another piece of equipment that is desirable to have is a strong sturdy harness, preferably with a handle to enable you to take a firm grip of your dog when required. For example, you see an older couple walking towards you. You can pull over, recall your dog and take hold of the harness handle to allow the people to walk past without worrying about your dog. The best harness currently available is the Ruffwear Webmaster Harness, which will provide a secure fit. You could have a look at Bennythedog for some ideas on prices for dog biking gear.

Always be aware of the weather and ready for any changes. This is especially true in mountainous areas where the weather can change any moment and could mean you need to take shelter and rest while it passes over. It is a good to idea to look at the forecast for the whole day of you are planning an extended adventure.

You will need to carry some basic bike maintenance tools and a puncture repair kit, just in case. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere when you are a few miles away from civilisation and darkness is approaching. Being prepared is the key to having a fun and safe trail riding experience. Have a nice adventure!