Monetizing your Mountain Biking Videos

Have you ever wondered how you could make some extra cash from your favorite sport? It is a known fact that if we are passionate about something, we are more motivated and focus our attention on that subject. This is the perfect recipe for money getting success, by combining your love of mountain biking with sharing your adventures, both through creating your own blog style website and uploading videos to Youtube of your adventures.

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Just by harnessing the power of social networks you will be able to build a list of other keen mountain bikers and use this to share great offers that you find. It is quite easy to find an offer that will pay you a percentage of a sale that is related to your passion. A simple way to do this is using Facebook to share your stories and videos. You can create a FB Ads Cracked 2 review and use this to drive traffic directly to a Facebook page with an email opt in. Alternatively, you could drive traffic to your videos and add Youtube monetization. This will earn you money every time someone watches your movie, with the added bonus of getting Facebook shares to further generate free traffic.